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About Us

Finding key to every biological lock 


bioLOCKEY Healthworks is a multidisciplinary innovation lab currently pioneering the next generation of Smart, Point of care diagnostics focused towards women health. We are dedicated to deliver self-use, safe, affordable and ultrasensitive rapidiagnostic tests to significantly advance health and health care practices. 

bioLOCKEY has developed a proprietary Nanobody discovery platform NANOdx. We have leveraged our knowledge of antigen-Nanobody molecular interactions to develop highly functional repertoires to surpass the diversity and functionality of the natural immune system. We have integrated these unique libraries within a yeast surface display system and optimized a high throughput methodology for the rapid discovery of Nanobodies to virtually any antigen/targets and their structure-guided optimization. We will also exploit NanoDx* to develop cell-based and virus-like particle antigen display methods for membrane-bound antigens.

Our vision is to bring in cutting edge, novel disruptive technologies in healthcare all the while keeping in mind affordability, accuracy and potency


Meet the Team

bioLOCKEY Healthworks is a collaboration between  Scientists, chemists and bio-engineers. This collaboration provides the opportunity for scientific theory to drive biotechnology advancement for optimal clinical outcomes via bio-engineered systems

  • Previous affiliation: MRC, UK; Stanford Bioengineering, USA; Max-Planck Institute,Germany

  • 15 years of research experience in Small molecule therapeutics and drug Discovery

  • Expertise in Bioengineering, Molecular Imaging, Biological screening & Validation

  • Previous Affiliation: UCSF, CA, USA; Max-Planck Institute, Germany

  • 20 years of research experience in Structural Biochemistry, crystallography

  • Expertise in Protein engineering, Nanobody based biologics discovery and development

  • Founder Cytokinetics Inc., MyoKardia Inc., Kainomyx Inc. & Cyntegron Therapeutics

  • Developed first FDA approved drug for cardiomyopathies with MyoKardia Inc.

  • Over 50 years of research experience in drug development

  • Founding Dean-instem, India

  • Founder/CEO- CCAMP, India

  • Over 40 years of research experience in Structural Biology, Biochemistry, Drug discovery

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  • Education: BTech/ MTech Biotechnology

  •  Experience in Development and Optimization of vertical Flow Technology,  In-vitro diagnostic tests

  • Previous Affiliation: Postdoctoral fellow-instem, Skanda Lifesciences/ Enzene Biosciences/ Jubilant Biosciences

  • Over 10 years of research experience in Antibody engineering, Cell-based biosimilars screening

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Our Core Values

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