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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Diagnostics & Biologics

Our Technology

Highly Diverse, verified Precision Nanobody Libraries  

We have created well-designed, highly diverse libraries to ensure unparalleled creation of thousands to billions of specific variants with multiple germline scaffolds and expanded epitope coverage for any target of interest. 

Our Naive nanobody library (VHH) were used to successfully identify hits against SARS-CoV2, Omicron and Delta variants 

NANOdx Discovery Platform 

Rapid Yeast display, best-in-class platform using off-the-shelf superior quality, target-focused synthetic libraries, giving a multifaceted approach to  discovery project. The NanoDx discovery platform identify high-quality leads against your target of interest  in only  6-8 weeks long discovery cycle

Nanobody cellular Optimization platform 

Optimize lead nanobody for greater potency and developability in in-vitro and cellular assays.

Flexible vertical for analytical and process development

Upstream and downstream process development including high-throughput protein expression, host selection, clone selection, expression of Nanobodies, Transient expression in Mammalian cells and stable pool generation.

Analytical development- Target primary and secondary order structure identification, heterogeneity variant detection, In-silico binding kinetic studies and Potency validations

Our Science

NANOdx discovery Platform

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